Sudden brain damage. Lack of blood flow to the brain caused by a clot or rupture of a blood vessel.

Types of Stroke mainly

Ischemia Stroke Focal Brain Dysfunction. Clotting occurring in arteries. Inadequate blood supply (oxygen & nutrients) to an area of the brain 85% seen

Hemorrhage Stroke – Diffuse Brain Dysfunction.
Intracelebral Hemorrhage – !0%- Bleeding into Brain.
Subarachonoid Hemmorrhage – 5%- Bleeding around Brain.
Leakage of blood into the closed cranial cavity
Direct damage to tissue by compression/edema

Risk Factor for Stroke

  • Heart disease
  • AFib, Valvular Dz, MI, endocarditis
  • Hypertension
  • Smoking
  • Diabetes/Metabolic Syndrome
  • Dyslipidemia
  • Pregnancy
  • Drug Abuse/Meds
  • Bleeding Disorders/Anticoagulant Use

Stroke Classification

1. TACI (Total Anterior Circulation Infarct)
2. PACI (Partial Anterior Circulation Infarct)
3. LACI (Lacunar Infarct)
4. POCI (Posterior Circulation Infarct)

Stroke Assessment

  • Motor function
  • Muscle tone (high/low)
  • Sensation/Proprioception/Co-ordination
  • Alignment/Stability in various positions
  • Neuromuscular anatomy
  • Compensation Strategies
  • Balance
  • Mobility

Rehabilitation Aims

  • To normalise muscle tone
  • To restore muscle function
  • To control compensation strategies
  • To maintain muscle length
  • To re-educate balance
  • To retrain walking and restore mobility
  • To maximise functional ability while allowing on-going neuromuscular recovery

Post Stroke Treatments

  • Positioning in bed, Wheel Chair
  • ROM exercises
  • Functional Activities/ Exercises
  • Tone maintaining/Normalization Exercises
  • Bobath/NDT exercise/ Techniques
  • PNF Exercises
  • CIMT
  • Mirror Therapy
  • Group Exercises/Activities
  • Cordination Exercises/Activites
  • Gross/Fine Activities
  • Facial Exercises/ Activities
  • Oro Motor Exercises/ Activities
  • Mobility Training/Exercises/Activities
  • Indoor & Outdoor Mobility Training.
  • Balancing Exercises/Activities
  • Hand Finger Exercises/Activities
  • Hand Splinting, Shoulder sling
  • Orthosis- AFO
  • Assistive/ Adaptive Devices
  • Fall Prevention Techniques
  • Energy Conservation Techniques
  • Gait Training
  • Secondary Stroke Education
  • Botox/Surgery if need
  • ADL Training
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